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In 1948 the idea of dividing the organization into a regional structure was initially put before the members at the Third Annual meeting of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated held in Washington, D.C. It was suggested to shorten the travel time to annual meetings,  allow more time for discussions on issues by all of the membership prior to attending national meetings and allow the inclusion of children at the meetings.

In 1957, at the Annual Convention held in San Francisco, the Regional Plan was fully adopted. Today there are seven regions which comprise Jack and Jill of America; Central Region, Eastern Region, Far West Region, Mid-Atlantic Region, Mid-Western Region, South Central Region, and Southeastern Region

The Mid-Western Region has a rich legacy of leadership, and is committed to delivering innovative and creative programming for its children and all children. The region represent 38 chapters over eight states. Each chapter actively impacts its communities by delivering programs that equip children to be leaders today and in the future.


The Mid-Western Regions focus remains on leadership development and community service. The Regional Executive Board is committed to implementing a vision that supports the regional theme-Living the Jack and Jill Experience: Mission-Minded, Dream Driven.

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